Sally Binford interview

by Cornel  

I came across this interview with Sally Binford a couple of years ago, when writing a paper on the intellectual biography of Lewis Binford. At the time the blog in which it was posted was a rather obscure one, at least in academic circles. Now, however, I've noticed that it has come to the attention of more and more archaeologists (e.g. Julien Riel-Salvatore's blog; see also this one). Why post about it here then? I won't go into any details regarding the contents of the interview, but I will say that I think everyone should read it - it can't possibly get too much web exposure. For me it was a real eye opener, a much needed glimpse into the world behind formal academic discourse - both Sally and Lew emerge as real people, like you and me, rather than some heroic figures of the academia. It's an easy read, so please, take a couple of minutes to go through it; you won't regret it.


Neanderthal speech, BBC style

by Cornel  

A fellow TA showed me this wonderful little video, in which Patsy Rodenburg, apparently "one of the world's top voice coaches" (see BBC web site linked below), attempts to reproduce Neanderthal speech with the help of a colleague. The results are quite hillarious, if not particularly scientific:

Watch the YouTube video here.

The associated BBC web site can be found here. It contains some interesting remarks by some very well known archaeologists, which I will discuss in more detail in some later post.

Some interesting links

by Cornel  

In the last few days I came across interesting free sources of old French publications, including full volumes of l'Anthropologie. I thought I'd start this blog by sharing them with the world:

1. Persee

2. Gallica

That's it for now. It's 3am over here and it's just about the right time to call it a day.

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