International symposium on chert and other knappable materials

by Cornel  

Two weeks ago I participated at a very interesting international conference on chert and other knappable materials. As you can tell from the published abstracts, a wide range of topics were discussed and quite a few interesting results were presented. What's more, both the poster and the oral presentations will soon be available on the web for anyone to see, or at least that is my understanding (my own poster is already available here).

It was a small symposium with only fifty attendees, although more participated online via teleconferencing, and all presentations were sequential. I found this to be particularly refreshing, since I didn't have to run between sessions or, even worse, choose between talks as at the SAAs, and it was possible to meet everyone and discuss people's research at leisure. It was, in short, a very pleasant experience, which ended with a long but rewarding field trip to two of the most important Palaeolithic sites in Romania, Ripiceni-Izvor and Mitoc-Malul Galben. Although the site of Ripiceni-Izvor is currently under water due to the construction of a dam, I was very happy to finally set foot near the site, since it was one of the few Romanian Middle Palaeolithic sites which I had not visited before.

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