What in God's name...

by Cornel  

What in God's name have they done to Fedora?! I haven't used the distribution in a few years, but today I decided to give the latest version (19) a try and, boy, it's a mess. I have no doubt that there are many cool features that I will discover soon enough, but my first impression was that the default graphical interface is confusing and awkward to an extreme - no logout button, no desktop icons, a weird menu system that shows everything but the stuff you're actually interested in, and a desktop switcher that is anything but intuitive. The terminal is burried as if the developers tried to get rid of it, applications such as emacs are missing by default, the package manager asks for the root password each time you try to install an application (this is just annoying - ask once and be done with it!), etc... the list of annoyances just goes on and on. Are the Fedora developers trying to emulate Windows 8 with its excessive focus on tablets and touch interfaces? Seems like a pretty silly move given how "well" Microsoft's approach has been received.

Note: Before embarking on the long and risky road that will, hopefully, lead me to an academic position in Archaeology, I used to work in IT as a UNIX systems analyst.

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