virtual skeletons

by Cornel  

I'm currently TAing a course on Forensic Anthropology, one which, for a variety of reasons beyond anyone's control, does not have a good lab component. Because of this, I really wanted to share a few good links to virtual skeletons with my students. After doing a bit of research (admittedly not too much), however, I came to realize that for some reason virtual skeletons are hard to come by on the web, at least free ones of decent quality. There is the good old eskeletons, but I wanted something a better. A couple of weeks ago a colleague was kind enough to forward me a link to a project sponsored by the University of Toronto: It is a digital atlas of the human skeleton which does the job. Nothing can replace a proper lab session, of course, but I think this atlas is a pretty good learning tool, one worth sharing with the world.

That's it for now. I'm in the middle of writing papers and I don't have a lot of time for blogging, although I really hope to be able to start posting some informal article reviews on miscellaneous Neanderthal related topics later on this week.

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