Sally Binford interview

by Cornel  

I came across this interview with Sally Binford a couple of years ago, when writing a paper on the intellectual biography of Lewis Binford. At the time the blog in which it was posted was a rather obscure one, at least in academic circles. Now, however, I've noticed that it has come to the attention of more and more archaeologists (e.g. Julien Riel-Salvatore's blog; see also this one). Why post about it here then? I won't go into any details regarding the contents of the interview, but I will say that I think everyone should read it - it can't possibly get too much web exposure. For me it was a real eye opener, a much needed glimpse into the world behind formal academic discourse - both Sally and Lew emerge as real people, like you and me, rather than some heroic figures of the academia. It's an easy read, so please, take a couple of minutes to go through it; you won't regret it.


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